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A grant for a class pet through PetSmart. Also, a guide to choosing the right pet for your classroom. 8031


Meet Our New Class Pet (and a class pet Freebie!)


Mix grass seed in with potting soil. Fill up a nylon. Tie into segments with string to make a 'caterpillar." Soak in water till saturated. Then let the kids spray it with water every day after and watch it grow. When the grass gets "too long" let the kids give it a "haircut."

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Class Pet Journal

Class Pet Journal; for PE send it to a different class each week and have them record health and physical activity fun they do throughout the week


Class Pet Journal Kids bring it home over the weekend and write about what they did :)


Setting up an observation tank for raising tadpoles into frogs. This is such a fascinating activity!


This is awesome! "There are numerous benefits to classroom pets. They bring many new ways to learn, enrich the classroom experience, and can make students excited for school. Plus they do so much more! Learn more about the benefits of classroom pets and how you can get a grant to have your own pet in the classroom!" #classroompet #teachergrant #teachers


Class pet, what a cute idea! Love this idea!! I still remember Pee Wee the Penguin from 4th grade. :-). It was the only time I enjoyed writing!!


Class Pet Writing Journal~love the 'share-chair', crate, and 'delivery' is a definite must :).