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8 whole class journals for the students to write in. Select 8 students each week to write in one of the journals. The next week, 8 different children will be selected to write, and so on. By the time were finished, each journal should have about 25 different entries written in them. Students will be able to read what their classmates have written as well.


Whole class writing journals -- great idea for work on writing! Love that students can read each others!


Whole Class Journals: Get your kids writing across all genres for the entire year with my 5 sets of Whole Class Journals. The students will love this weekly activity for center time and it is amazing to see the growth in their writing over the year.


Whole Class notebooks are such an EASY addition to Work on Writing, or Writing Centers, and help build a classroom community of writers!


Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies: I'm going to make these as a fast finishers activity


Have you ever used Whole Class Journals? Read this! You need these for your Writing Block!

Writing #1. This is a class journal box where students have the opportunity to answer different prompts. Whether they finish their work early and need something to work on, or they go to the writing center, this activity is good to encourage the writing process and the teacher can direct the students to write about certain topics within the writing process.


Whole class journals adapted to math by creating a journal per unit and allowing groups to be responsible for the content in the math task writing station of my classroom.

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Daily 5 Work on Writing Station

Daily 5 Work on Writing Station - our class journals. We keep these from year to year and students enjoy reading past entries as well!

Self Assessment Marking Trays: I got it! I think I got it! I don't think I understand.