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If you have never heard of Class Dojo, you definitely need to check it out NOW!https://www.classdojo.comIt is my #1 go-to for classroom management! I am a Class Dojo Mentor, so if you have any questions about this wonderful resource, please feel free to email me at :)Included in this FREEBIE:- Class Dojo Rewards Poster (this is what I use in my class)- BLANK Class Dojo Rewards Poster so you can add your own choice of rewards (laminate and use a dry erase marker if you…


Would be cool classroom management, give each child a dollar every time they do something good and make the prize a diffrent amount of money


Hiya, this pack includes a student certificate, tokens to give out for points (in cases where the IWB can't be accessed immediately you can give the token so they can trade them for a point later on), reward selector cards (such as use the teachers chair for a class or choose a reward from the prize box) and a little card to put on the students desk or as a necklace to say that they were the class champion the previous week. All are decorated with the Class Dojo Avatars.