Prince Laurent and Princess Claire of Belgium

Prince Laurent of Belgium Princess Claire of Belgium Luxembourg Royal Wedding Dinner Gala

MARIE CLAIRE SOUTH AFRICA 2015 | Red Hot! Nykhor Paul For Marie Claire South Africa | Complete Fashion ...

Shot by Elford/De La Forêt, stunning fashion model Nykhor Paul is red hot for the latest issue of Marie Claire South Africa.

COFFEE WATCH: Starbucks will join Costa in launching their Christmas menu on November 3rd. No details just yet. (H/T Claire Bryant)

Over Christmas weekend we'll be showing you the ads which just missed out on the 12 Ads Of Christmas before we tell you the winners from Boxing Day onwards.

A different sort of crunchy fries ... halloumi fries! You won't be disappointed ... just don't forget the sour cream and sweet chili sauce for dipping!

Crispy halloumi fries (and dips!)

great healthy alternative to those store bought additives filled jalapeño sticks

i dont watch supernatural wat am i doing here

where do u think I met ur other dad?--> Just imagine the face of the hot piece of ass

Claire Foy wears The Crown in the trailer for the new Netflix show. Watch it here

The Crown (TV Series ) on IMDb: The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a newlywed faced with the daunting prospect of leading the world's most famous monarchy while f

Paper Play with Itsy and Bitsy my favourite :-)

I loved Itsy Bitsy - but why am i arachnophobic?

Pairing a dark blue sport coat with white casual trousers is an on-point option for a day in the office. A cool pair of brown leather double monks is an easy way to upgrade your look. Shop this look on Lookastic: — Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt — Navy Blazer — Navy Paisley Pocket Square — Dark Brown Leather Watch — Dark Brown Leather Bracelet — Dark Brown Leather Belt — White Chinos — Brown Leather Double Monks

Men's Navy Blazer, Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt, White Chinos, Brown Leather Double Monks

Consider wearing a navy blazer and white pants if you're going for a neat, stylish look. For footwear go down the classic route with brown leather double monks.

Girls who can sprint in 5 inch heels should be respected. ..... Just watch out if we mess up our shoes in the process.. That's when it all goes down.

this is soooo true! heels can't stop you from running if you know how to run in them! you know your a fashion lover or some kind of model/famous girl if you can run in them high heels

Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake is extremely easy to make! A rich chocolate fudge sauce forms underneath a layer of chocolate cake while baking, by itself! |

Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake

Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake is extremely easy to make! A rich chocolate fudge sauce forms underneath a layer of chocolate cake while baking, by itself! |

Blue Peter I would have been more into this if I'd had some egg cartons and double sided sticky tape. :)

Blue Peter-loved blue peter as a kid! I remember entering a competition one year to design a doctor who character and I was one of the runner ups hehe so chuffed in that moment :)

As long as you think I'm fine, it doesn't matter

"Sebastian under no circumstances are you going to perform sick!" "I watched you puke all over their expensive couch so no I'm not going to withstand another trainwreck! We are forfeiting" "NO! I'M THE LEADER!

Paper Play with puppets Itsy and Bitsy,  made by Thames TV shown on ITV's children's lunchtime segment, late 1970s/early 1980s.

Itsy and Bitsy. I found the black background most mysterious! But it was just to hide the puppeteers.