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American Civil War Uniforms- The Union and the Confederacy wore different uniforms to distinguish from eachother during the Civil War. The Union typically wore navy blue long frock coats while the Confederates wore grey on frock coats that were a tad shorter.

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CIVIL WAR ENDS - April 9, 1865***

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New 5x7 Civil War Photo Fort Sumter Under The Confederate Flag | eBay

*THE NATIONAL NEWS,1865~ LINCOLN SHOT: The assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln took place on Good Friday, April14,1865, as the American Civil War was drawing to a close...

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In the four years of the American Civil War there were many slightly odd things that happened. Read about some of them here on our strange and interesting Civil War facts page.

Civil War Horror: Civil War Photo Friday: Black Union soldiers kidnapped for the Neo-Confederate cause

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