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How to Substitute for Citric Acid in a Recipe


How to Make Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid

Bath bombs provide a luxurious addition to the bath, and making them is simple enough that your kids can help. Most bath bombs contain citric acid, which can be hard to find when making them at home. But a common cooking ingredient found in your kitchen or in the baking aisle of most any grocery store offers the alternative for your homemade...


How to Substitute Lemon Juice for Citric Acid

In the sometimes bewildering worlds of canning and cooking, citric acid stands out with an undeserved reputation as a vaguely threatening product. In truth...

Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs

How to Make Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs


Citric acid 1 kilo, wine making , elderflowers, bath bombs


How to Substitute Lemon Juice for Citric Acid

Not everyone has citric acid powder in the kitchen, but many people keep lemon juice on hand. If you're about to make a recipe calling for citric acid...

Bath Bomb Recipe - Gifts Kids Can Make


Citric Acid Uses Around Your Home For Cleaning & Stain Removal

Citric acid powder is one of the best kept secrets out there for cleaning your home. It is natural, and yet it is a very powerful cleaning agent. In fact, it is such a great kept secret that people have been using cheap substitutes for years without knowing the power was really in the acid within the product, such as all those cleaning tips for using lemonade or kool aid packets to remove stains or clean items in your home. And it can be used in your sourdough bread. yeah!


Fizzy Peppermint Bath Salts

Super easy fizzy peppermint bath salts from Our Best Bites. Inexpensive, quick, and smell like candy canes. Perfect homemade Christmas gift!