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Why won't aliens talk to us? Content and community dynamics in online citizen science - ePrints Soton

Bee's knees: a new $4m effort aims to stop the death spiral of honeybees

@xercessociety @GeneralMills & @USDA partner to restore #pollinator habitat on N American farms #bees #butterflies


12 Amazing Citizen Scientist Projects for Kids


"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

Pinned from My World Citizen's Blog, the link provides a step by step for a hands on activity that would provide students with a visual tool, important for understanding their home and place in the community and in turn in the world. (It will need adjustments to create an Australian friendly version)


Citizen Science - Scientific American

Can We End Our Fossil Fuel Addiction by 2050? #infographic #Environment #FossilFuel

Can We End Our Fossil Fuel Addiction by 2050? #infographic


Funding agencies are slowly catching up with the citizen science movement. In today’s post, I round up some sources for citizen science grants and other funding sites to help you or your organization get a project off the ground. If you have additional US grant sources, or grants available in other regions around the world, …

Resources to Learn about Rivers: with a Global Twist


Citizen Science Grants and Other Funding Opportunities | Citizen Science for Environmental Protection | US EPA