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Plagiarism Video from EasyBib | Basic plagiarism prevention, why and how of citations, & paraphrasing


Citing Sources Packet ( MLA Style ) + Test

Here is a great way for students to learn and practice how to properly cite their sources in the MLA style. How to cite from books, websites, and magazines are clearly and simply explained. How to cite from encyclopedias is also explained (though the process is very similar to citing from a book). Students are started off with guided practice and eased into independent practice. A paired assessment is also included to test student knowledge on how to cite properly.

With all of the different rules that apply, learning to cite sources properly in MLA format can be a challenge. This cheat sheet makes the whole process so much easier!

Citing Sources, Citations, Research Skills, Plagiarism, Copyright, Bookmarks

This is an introductory lesson on citing sources meant for elementary students. It is a simplified version of the MLA style not the exact MLA style. Please do not ding this for accuracy : ) The How To Cite Sources contains:PowerPointPosters BookmarksWorksheetsLesson PlanI ended up creating a simplified version of the MLA format for citing sources for 2nd & 3rd grade students.

Research Project - Real-Life Utopias

This short research project about utopias helps students practice skills like summarizing, paraphrasing, embedding quotes, and citing sources. Each side of the Research Cube targets a different skill and presents a different facet of the topic. Students will love this alternative to a research paper!