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There must be a new Pope! Heavenly pictures show the sun ringed by a HALO

Angelic: This incredible halo around the Sun was captured by a Russian photographer as she travelled across the Tibetan desert

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60 insane cloud formations from around the world [PICs]

Cirrostratus nebulosus, Santa Catarina, Brazil This species of cirrostratus cloud is so light it's often invisible unless illuminated from a certain angle by the sun, which produces a halo effect.

March 2016 Cloud of the Month photographed by Jerry Craner, Provo, Utah, US. When the sky is covered in a high layer of ice crystals, known as a Cirrostratus cloud, there is always a possibility for dramatic halo phenomena to appear. These are the beautiful arcs, rings and spots of light that can result from the Sun’s rays bouncing off and through ice crystals.

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What caused the 'halo' around the moon last night?

The phenomenon occurs when the sky is full of thin cirrus or cirrostratus clouds, seen as a thin wisp in this image taken by Jason Hedges, 41 at his home in West Wittering in Sussex


Cirrostratus are transparent high clouds covering large areas of the sky. They sometimes produce white or coloured rings, spots or arcs of light around the sun/moon that are known as halo phenomena. Sometimes they are so thin that the halo is the only indication that a cirrostratus cloud is in the sky. Cirrostratus can span thousands of miles, and may be smooth or fibrous &are often fringed with cirrus clouds. Shadows will normally still be cast & help distinguish them from similar…