Circumcision vs uncircumcised

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Myth vs Fact about Circumcision

Circumcised vs uncircumcised: A pediatrician breaks down the pros and cons of circumcision.

Article - worth the read. Below is a list of some of the things that doctors have said to parents in an attempt to convince them to agree to a circumcision. After each incorrect statement, I've given you the medical facts to help you understand what your doctor may not know about the intact penis and its care, and what you need to know to protect your child from unnecessary penile surgery.

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"I am a white American, non-Muslim woman who was circumcised as a toddler by the same pediatrician that circumcised my brothers and at the same hospital at which I was born." #i2 ---Confessions of a Circumcised Woman --- *America's dirty little secret*

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