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Simple & Cute Little Crochet Hearts Make a Rainbow I am not sure, but my tiny brain may have invented a new crochet technique...

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~ A very rare and beautiful photo of a circular rainbow over the salt marshes of Bolivia :) Yuri Pustovoy (c-man) Photographer via Doug Harrington

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Pinner said xx I LOVE this tutorial. This is also one of my favourite patterns to use when making a blanket. Squaring the Circle Crochet Tutorial Via Spincushions

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A rainbow around the sun, also known as a 22 degree halo or a sun halo, is caused by sunlight passing through ice crystals in cirrus clouds within the Earth's atmosphere, the University of Illinois' Weather World Project 2010 explains. (See WW2010's website for diagrams that illustrate how it works.)

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How to Decorate with Crepe Paper Streamers

I like the streamers and colors. Backyard party decor

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Going on a Colour Hunt

Going on a Colour Hunt fun activity and craft for toddlers and preschoolers to reinforce colour recognition.

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Fish in the ocean

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Happy Clouds and Rainbows ~When I see this I see little pony beads sliding up the colors of ribbons as a page on a quiet book or a busy blanket~ I am really thinking of a it as a fun wall hanging for a wall toy, though.

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Dan Flavin - Electrical Rainbow

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The Rainbow Fish Activities for Early Years

The Rainbow Fish Activities for Early Years | Here Come the Girls

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