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solas-you-nerd: ar-lath-ma-vhenan: THE ONLY ROMANCE GUIDE YOU WILL NEED i love dragon age but do you see my problem so true AND THAT FADE NERD RIGHT IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE


Graphing for kids ( Chart Maker for children ) ($2.99) Provides teachers and students an easy graphing learning tool. Provides step by step method to teach kids how to draw a chart. Chart maker is an easy tool for kids to input data and make a chart. In the how to part, you can learn how to make : Bar graph Line graph Circle graph Pictographs In Chart Maker, you can make : Bar graph Line graph Circle graph Horizontal bar graph. Made for kids ages 9-11.

Penny Tile Template Maker Use following specs for UK copper pennies: Dot weight - 0.5 points Grid spacing - 2.4cm Radius Multiplier 0.9 (for grout)


Create A Pie Chart. Free! Creates a pie chart. You enter the amounts and titles for each slice of the chart!