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Cinnamon, was once more valuable than gold. The health benefits of this beloved spice are still of value. 1/2 tsp. a day can lower bad cholesterol. Just smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function amp; memory. It can reduce pain linked to arthritis. Cinnamon can also help stablize blood sugar (great for weight loss). #dherbs #healthtips

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Turmeric Latte

The latte you can have before bed! Delicious calming Turmeric Latte with anti inflammatory, anti ageing and blood sugar balancing health benefits.

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Nutmeg has been known for its role as a sedative, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic substance. A great source of Manganese which helps with regulating the blood sugar & absorbing calcium while helping form tissues, bones, & sex hormones. A good source of copper & magnesium, both containing an antioxidant enzyme that repairs cells & reduces oxidative stress. The oil stimulates the brain, enhances concentration, helps with anxiety & depression & dissolve kidney stones & relieve…

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17 Reasons to Use Honey and Cinnamon

cinnamon and honey for weight loss.

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Top 10 Cinnamon And Honey #Health Benefits

Top 10 Cinnamon and Honey Health Benefits and Uses

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Red Velvet Cupcakes with quark icing (Only 1.5 syns each)

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13 Health Benefits of Cinnamon & Nutrition Facts

Cinnamon Benefits infographic #miricbiotech #miricbiotechltd

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The best vitamins to combat cold and flu season Start each day with one teaspoon of honey and pinch of cinnamon in a cup of green tea to protect the body from bacterial and viral infections.

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The Product Ginger Concentrated Max Strength 1:1 100ml Non Alcoholic Tincture Can Be Found At -

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