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can't wait for christmas time. maybe we'll be taking a trip to chi town to visit the fam this year. lovelovelovelove

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World Travel Theme Table Number Cards - Black and White Sketches of Cities of the World

World Travel Theme Table Number Cards - Black and White Sketches of Cities of the World...Love this idea for table names/places at the reception! Especially as a lot of the places you can get are where we have been to together :)

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35 Unique Travel Tattoos to Fuel Your Eternal Wanderlust

New York City skyline tattoo ✌️ Would love this, but it would have to be on my ankle out of view of patients

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17 Tutorials to Show You How to Make Half Buns

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I'm going to eventually do this, but make them the length of the pillow and do a London skyline, a Paris skyline, a NYC skyline, ect. #sew #pillow

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'When I woke up, I was a baby and you named me Luke': Mom claims her five-year- old son remembers his past life as a Chicago woman who died in a house fire

Luke Ruehlman, from Cincinnati, Ohio, thought he was once a woman called Pamela Robinson. He said in a past life he lived in Chicago and died leaping from a burning hotel building in 1993. (click link for full story)

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Top 10 things to do with kids in Cincinnati—and adults will love these, too!

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Police pepper-spray crowds in Kansas City as Trump vows to press on

Republican frontrunner praises supporters and blames ‘these other people’ for disorder after protests forced him to call off Chicago appearance