Cincinnati subway

The Cincinnati Subway System

America's largest abandoned subway is in Cincinnati – and most locals are unaware of It .

Cincinnati subway construction

Cincinnati subway construction

Cincinnati, Ohio has an unused subway station. ( could be vital if going underground is required quickly ) the citizens of London soon discovered how important the underground is when the blitz wreaked havoc to city streets above ground ( natural disasters or even future nuclear incidents may sadly again result in these locations becoming considered vital to continued life ( all be it a much less enjoyable existence in such circumstances !! ) But I obviously hope such a need will ever arise…

Explore the secret, unused subway station below the streets of Cincinnati

Old Photos of Cincinnati Ohio | Despite several delays, the two-mile underground portion of the subway ...

Cincinnati built a huge amount of infrastructure for a subway starting in but the depression killed off the project. Many stations and tunnels were built and the city has a challenge trying to keep out interlopers.

The Cincinnati Subway System that was never finished.  This is fascinating.

Mommy Methodology - A Photographic Essay - The Cincinnati Subway System - started in plans to finish were completely abandoned by

Construction of the Cincinnati Subway, which was never completed.

Canal, Subway, Parkway: The History of Cincinnati’s Central Parkway in Images

OH, Cincinnati - partially built subway. The subway was constructed only to a point just north of the Western Hills Viaduct, with a short tunnel under Hopple Street that was never completed.

A tour of 250 people explored the Cincinnati Subway which has been abandoned since 1928.

A tour of 250 people explored the Cincinnati Subway which has been abandoned since 1928.

The Cincinnati Subway System.  Started in the early 1910's but mothballed in the 1930's without a single train ever having run.

My novel "Subway Hitchhikers" runs through a world like this. The entrance to one of the Cincinnati subway tunnels can be seen from Interstate

The Cincinnati Subway System

Abandoned Cincinatti subway station 3 converted to fall-out in the shelter is divided into rooms where people could sleep, eat, and play board games until the nuclear winter was over.