Mine has paid the price of age. Perhaps I can get the blade sharpened...

Tabletop Cigar Cutter Guillotine Mesa Fina Negro Black Gold

Tabletop cigar cutter Mesa Fina Negro is a table guillotine that has a dark black wood body, and a gold cutter mechanism and tray - CUBAN CRAFTERS

Ebony wood cigar cutter by Brizard

Brizard Ebony Cigar Cutter - Made in USA Brizard & Co Cigar Cutters Featuring two sharp stainless steel blades, this Brizard & Co. cigar cutter will be a

Cigar Cutter Cufflinks...  Friggin awesome

Manly Gifts for Men Cigar Punch Cufflinks: Look like James Bond, Act Like MacGyver

unique groomsmen gifts - personalized cigar case

18 Unique Groomsmen Gifts that you've probably never seen before...

Folding personalized cigar case with Spanish cedar lining. Case holds 3 cigars and comes with cigar cutter. Personalize the inside of the case

Laguiole Cigar Cutter in Thuya

Laguiole Cigar Cutter in Thuya

Buy the Laguiole Cigar Cutter in Thuya at SIR JACK'S. Find the latest from Laguiole and the finest in clothing, luxury accessories and style for men at SIR JACK'S.

Antique Naughty Cigar Cutter

Antique Naughty Cigar Cutter - Carl Kauba

Solid Gold Xikar Limited Edition Scrollwork Cigar by DeMerJewelry

Work in progress for the Xikar collaboration, limited edition gold cigar cutter based on the DeMer Jewelry "Vollmacht" line. Solid Gold Shown.

Colibri Cut Cigar Cutter - Black with Red Blades

Cut 100 Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter in an Attractive Gift Box Black with Red Blades Warranty

On the Christmas List for Father-in-Law...Lamborghini cigar cutter...

This red lacquered lamborghini cigar cutter features a patented spring loaded mechanism that cuts up to 58 ring guage cigars.

44 Magnum Bullet Cigar Punch Cutter With Key Ring - I smoke cigars once in a while. This is low on the list but its still cool.

44 Magnum Bullet Cigar Punch Cutter With Key Ring Cigar Accessories The Bull's-Eye 44 Magnum cigar cutter features a stainless steel blade housed in a

Wenger Swiss Army Knife With Cigar Cutter

Wenger Swiss Army Knife With Cigar Cutter