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12 incredible Doctor Who posters

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I just love 'The Gayest gay to ever gay' bahaha John Barrowman is the definition of fabulous.

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Tom Hardy looks handsome and dapper on the set of Legend

Smoking hot: The actor wore a white shirt and classic suit trousers as he puffed on a fake cigarette during filming

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How true! (Though you might want to add "CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON, THE NINTH DOCTOR, IS IN THIS ONE! :D")

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Yyaaassssss ♡♡♡ can we have Christopher Eccleston as back ground character #1?

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Yet another reason why 9 is completely underrated. Every time i see or hear this i want to cry... 9 loves her SO MUCH <3

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All 11 Doctors, the TARDIS and a few generations of sonic screwdriver

Christopher Eccelson re-introduces network TV to The Doctor and did a fantastic job too (Fantastic was one of his last words to Rose... Watch the show). It's a shame he left so soon.

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