Map of the World? It is claimed that this is an eighth century copy of the map Admiral Zheng He made in 1418. The map clearly shows the new ...

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Christopher Columbus web. Have the students create a web contaning all of the facts they learning about Columbus including the wind patterns, season changes, and the properties of Earth they discovered. KY

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America Discovered -great site -PAWSitively Teaching: Plans & activities for Christopher Columbus, activities, videos, & books

Christopher Columbus: Cristóbal Colón: OCCUPATION: Explorer BIRTH DATE: c. October 31, 1451 DEATH DATE: May 20, 1506 PLACE OF BIRTH: Genoa, Italy more about Christopher BEST KNOWN FOR: Famed Italian explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the "New World" of the Americas on an expedition sponsored by King Ferdinand of Spain in 1492.

Christopher Columbus Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story - This artlcle is a secondary source about Columbus. Students will compare this to his diary a primary source

A description of Christopher Columbus's voyage to Latin America, from his first voyage to San Salvador to Cuba.

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