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I don't have a problem with homosexuality because people should date whoever they want and that is not my problem or anybody else's.

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34) I'm actually not a problematic person ? Like I'm very smart about what I like and what I dont, I am never salty on purpose (unless of course I'm teasing and we both know I am) I hate being mean. The only things that are truly problematic about me is that I'm not fully anti-kink. I hate most of the bdsm shit and it actually terrifies me, the only thing I care for is legit super soft, and I wouldn't even call it bdsm.

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Наверное, некоторые изначально были рождены с трагедией в крови

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The screen went to static, and when I blinked, the words seemed to vibrate off the black screen. It faded and then came back. I couldn't breathe. My heart stopped. I stared at those words that wrought chaos down on me. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I tore it out. HE'S A LIAR. The screen was the same. Panicked, I then knew. I took off down the asphalt street, feeling like an ant under those buildings that towered above. He's a liar.

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The devil doesn’t come to you with a red face and horns, he comes to you disguised as everything you’ve ever wanted.

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"As long as I can draw breath, I will fight you. I will beat you down. I will bring justice to the dead. As I live and breathe you will die. As long as I draw breath, Aza-Dur, I will fight you." -Dellana, Battle King of Kirendel, Princess of the Battledrawn

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Ugh. I regret them immediately after. I have no rock to hold on to so I'm just slipping slipping

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