Batman is more than likely the best proof to people that it doesn't take powers to be a superhero, saying this he still manages to be as good or even better than most heroes with powers, like the flash, green lantern and even superman. That is what I want my character to be seen as.

Batman (Christian Bale)

Christian Bale BATMAN

Christian Bale The Dark Knight might have a custom bat suit consisting of 110 pieces but it will never look as good as this skinny suit.

Christian Bale! :)

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Christian Bale believe it or not i do not like him as batman. Personally michael keaton is my favorite batman. But my favorite performance of his is in (out of the furnace)

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A 14-year-old Bale in Stockholm, Sweden in February 1988 while promoting Empire of the Sun

"Empire of the Sun: the Movie and the Novel," Christian Bale, from wikimedia commons, Towpilot

Christian Bale. Yes, of course he's #1.

Christian Bale in Batman. A life is not a ridiculous charade - Yareah Magazine

14 year old Christian Bale was adorable!

14 year old Christian Bale was adorable!

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Batman (Christian Bale)

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The Dark Knight - Promo shot of Christian Bale. The image measures 967 * 1450 pixels and was added on 28 November

Christian Bale by Ana Sandoval Poveda Wiki :

Christian Bale by Ana Sandoval Poveda Wiki :