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scripture to prepare you for a Christ centered marriage visit the funny pinterest, where you can create your own memes and post your own images

relationship, there is nothing better than studying the Bible together! Get yourself a devotional or Bible study-guide, and make it a point ...

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5 Days to a Christ Centered Marriage...Learning how to Glorify God in your Marriage

Our Christian Marriages should be firmly rooted in the Word of God. But it can be hard to know how to do that or what that should look like. Join us as we explore what a Christ-centered, God-glorifying Marriage should look like! {Plus many practical tips}

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<3 Every night before I go to sleep I think about you, us and how much I love you. Oh how I love you!

Marriage Mission - To have a Christ centered marriage that brings glory to God through the way that we love and the way that we live ...

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The Good Samaritan Wife

The Good Samaritan Wife and a Marital Oneness Monday Link Up | Jolene Engle @ The Alabaster Jar

The Truth About Marriage Doesn't Change

the truth about marriage is found in God’s Word and that truth, however hard it may be, doesn’t change. It’s true for me in my marriage and true for you in yours. God doesn’t cater his precepts to hard circumstances. Whether your marriage is in shambles or on cloud nine, obedience to the Lord is still required.