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Actually in the comics, Bucky was a 16 year old street kid when he first met Steve. Bucky swore like a sailor, and Steve was constantly reprimanding him for it. When Bucky was 20 and died, he hardly cursed at all. All because of Steve's constant shouting of "Language!"

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Sarah Jessica Parker - Fan club album

sarah jessica parker and christopher noth. I've seen every sex and the city episode over 10 times and everything that's sex and the city related...and I've never seen this! Love it.

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ssaravinter: “ Marvel, you didn’t give it to me, so I give it to the fandom and I regret nothing!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ ♥ ”

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What just happened?! Mark Ruffalo picked up Chris Hemsworth like it was no big deal and then Tom gives Mark a look like "no he's my brother" *gif*

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You know nothing, Chris Martin.

During the GOT cast's Red Nose Day prep with Coldplay, Rose Lesie (Ygritte) defends her man, Kit Harrington, (Jon Snow) the best way she knows how, as John Bradley-West (Samwell Tarley) looks on. Watch out for the Ygritte-sass, Chris Martin

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