Chris Noth-He'll always be Mr Big to me! I walk around the city hoping he'll pull up in a black town car or limo and say "get in baby" ;)

Chris Noth as Peter Florrick. HD Wallpaper and background photos of HQ - Season 2 Photoshoot - Peter Florrick for fans of The Good Wife images.

I didn't actually meet him-- but he did come into a restaurant I was dining in in NY.  And he was wearing a suit.  (???)

Is This Thing On? Gallery 1988 Celebrates Comedians And Weird Al

Chris Noth, aka Mr Big of Sex & the City.and my all time favorite, Detective Mike Logan of Law & Order

Mr. Big, not only is he sexy but his character and Braden have the same personality. The timid demeanor, and the never knowing what he really wants.

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Loved Chris Noth as 'Big' on Sex and the City, on Law and Order, and now on The Good Wife!

Gallery Books to publish an investigative book about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

Detective Logan (played by Chris Noth) on Law & Order has had several excellent partners: Sergent Max Greevey (George Dzunda) is Logan.

Chris Noth in "Law & Order" (TV Series)

The 'Law & Order' School of Drama