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Chris Cuomo's Growth Plan

Chris Cuomo's Growth Plan #thehardway


CNN's Cuomo comes right out and admits it" We couldn't help Hillary any more than we have".

CNN Admits to Giving Hillary Clinton a "Free Ride" - YouTube


10/17/16 - NOT True! CNN anchor Chris Cuomo says 'it's illegal' for common plebs to read Hillary Clinton's leaked emails but 'it's different for the media..."You have to Go Through Us"! NOT True!

VIDEO : CNN Idiot Shill Chris Cuomo BUSTED for Falsely Claiming It’s Illegal for the Public to Search Wikileaks (10/17/16)


Watch VIDEO: CNN’s Chris Cuomo claims it’s ILLEGAL for public to view Wikileaks emails | The Geller Report

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Grills Mike Pence On His Refusal To Condemn Trump’s Racist And Sexist Statements

By Blake Neff, DCNF CNN’s Chris Cuomo told viewers it is illegal for them to possess emails leaked by the website WikiLeaks, and as a

Tuesday morning’s CNN New Day ended the first hour of the show criticizing Donald Trump for attacking the media, which isn’t unusual but then the conversation quickly turned into what some may call an overreaction. CNN began by playing a clip of a Donald Trump rally yesterday where the crowd chanted, “CNN sucks” repeatedly. The CNN panel didn’t like that one bit and blamed Trump for not telling the crowd to quit it. Hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota, along with guests Brian Stelter and…