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Simple Chore and Reward System: As children complete chores, they move the chore stick to the ‘done’ jar and place a marble from the ‘Good Deeds Marble’ jar into the ‘Rewards’ jar. Once the ‘Rewards’ jar is full, celebrate your children’s good deeds with a new toy, a special meal, day trip to a favorite spot, or any other favorite activity. Additional marbles can be added for good behavior, good deeds, on any time children make a special effort to be helpful or well-behaved.

from Clean Mama

Simple Chore and Reward System Your Kids Will Love + Free Printables


Good idea...have some reward at the end of the going somewhere fun or out to eat - winner picks.

from Wondermom Wannabe

Consequence Jar with Free Printable Consequences

Consequence Jar, ideas for consequences. Should also do a rewards jar. Not sure if I completely like the idea of a "consequence" jar but I understand the logic behind it and some of the consequences are pretty funny. May try..!


I decided my kids need more accountability for how much screen time they get.... So I made these Popsicle sticks... And now... They are seriously fighting over who gets to do what chores... Wow... Smh... At least I will have a clean house!! #momwin

from The Diary of a Frugal Family

80 ideas for your bored jar

The Bored jar is an easy way to keep kids occupied through the holidays and guarantees you won't hear them say 'I'm bored'. All parents need a bored jar.