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I love this as I love sailing. Though I don't get much of an opportunity to do so nowadays. I find there is something very clean and cleansing about sailing on a day like the one in the picture. Just setting the sails, watching them in the wind and on the horizon, feeling the wind in your face on deck. I love racing too, and all the ropes and charts that go along with sailing off-shore. I do, however, get seasick sometimes below deck in rough weather and prefer to stay topside in choppy…


Perception Essence 16.5 Touring Sea Kayak Review the Tru Trak skeg is the one feature that distinguishes this boat from the rest. It keeps the essence 16.5 tracking true and moving in a straight line in choppy water.

Choppy water but beautiful! Lake Huron, Sarnia, Ontario -- the view from the beach just across the street corner from our 1st house.


“You Can Shake The Sand From Your Shoes, But Not From Your Soul.”

Meet Ram-anna and Sarsu-akka, from a fishing village in coastal Karnataka. He rides his bicycle to the far end of the coast every morning, then joins a squad of 50 other fisherman to brace the choppy waters and look for fish. His wife would take his catch and walk 5 km to the market every day to sell it. She has asthma now and can't walk that long anymore, so she stays home, and when weary travellers like me find her, she indulges them in the warmth of her stories and her food.


The master of public administration (MPA) is the professional degree for those who seek leadership positions in public service. It is designed to develop the skills necessary to confront society’s most important problems. Based in the theories of social science disciplines, the MPA develops knowledge and understanding of issues in public service and effective administration of public organizations, providing flexibility to the student in career choices.