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Chocolate Wafer Cookies - Recipe - because so many of my other recipes call for these as a crust, or addition into the dessert. And I NEVER have them on hand!!!

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Homemade Chocolate Wafer Cookies

Original pinner said "Homemade #Chocolate Wafer Cookies ~ are made with dark unsweetened cocoa that lends to a richly flavored chocolate cookie"

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Chocolate Wafer Cookies... Nabisco type. My heart be still!!!! These are my FAVORITE cookies and to think I can make them?! I'd have a never-ending supply! Yippee!

Coconut Cupcakes, Peanut Butter Cupcakes, Vanilla & Chocolate Wafer Cookies, Flowers from Lancaster Central Market By

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Extreme Chocolate Cheesecake

Recipe for Extreme Chocolate Cheesecake - You can’t get more chocolate than this cheesecake: a chocolate-wafer crust, melted dark chocolate in the filling, and chocolate shards scattered over the top.

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Homemade Tim Tams

Homemade Tim Tams. Chocolate cookies filled with malt chocolate buttercream and dipped in milk chocolate!

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Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake

Yummy! Crushed chocolate wafer cookies provide a delicious crunch between each layer of ice cream.

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