It’s not hard to make chocolate lace but the end result is very professional.  Check tutorial-->

Wonderful DIY Chocolate Lace Cake

How to make chocolate filigree toppers for cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream, etc.

Chocolate Filigree Hearts

How to make chocolate lace hearts for cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream, etc. Could also print out heart designs on paper (in bold so they are visible through parchment paper), place under parchment paper and "trace" designs with the chocolate.

How to Make Chocolate Lace Cake Wraps

How to Make Chocolate Lace Cake Wraps

Chocolate Cakes - This was the infamous River Cottage Chocolate Nemesis, which is the most delicious, rich mousse cake. The only thing is that it is not stackable, and only reaches about 1"-1 1/2" so doesn't look that great for a celebration cake. I added the chocolate collar to give height and the spiky bowl (filled with handmade truffles) for interest :-)

This Was The Infamous River Cottage Chocolate Nemesis Which Is The Most Delicious Rich Mousse Cake The Only Thing Is That It Is Not Stack on Cake Central

Chocolate Decoration Cake Tips

Easy chocolate decorating techniques and ideas. Fast and easy to make chocolate cake decorating tips. Simple and effectif Chocolate Decoration Cake tutorial video.