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This is honestly how I feel... I know that as a woman you are capable of opening a door, whether it be to a building or a car, but it is common etiquette to hold the door for you. There are countless more examples of things a man should just do. Even if I am injured, if I am able to, I am going to do it!

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Its sad when you see girls get decieved and cave into emotions rather than look at who a guy really is.

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When a man opens doors for you and volunteers to pick up the check, it's a sign of maturity, respect, and chivalry.

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"The truth is, she doesn't need much. Least of all were things she could get herself. So, here's to the little things that add up to everything. You want to make her dreams come true, and all she needs is someone to rest gently, and wake up slowly with. Someone with words set in stone, and a mind wide open. ..." ~ J. Raymond

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