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Your nerve system is an extensive network that channels nerve impulses from your brain to virtually every cell that makes up your body. This chart shows some of the integral relationships between the spine, nervous system and the body.

Text neck - the scourge of millennials everywhere!

Check out our latest infographic to learn about text neck symptoms, exercises to relieve the pain, and how to prevent text neck in the future.

chiropractic for babies...this is one of the things i look forward to most after having our kids... their first adjustment!!

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And/I.e you are as young as your spine is flexible and healthy

of stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.Roger Sperry - no wonder why Yoga is sooo powerful and why it is said - you are young as your spine is flexible/elastic.

10 Habits That Are Hurting Your Back                                                                                                                                                      More

10 Habits That Are Hurting Your Back - Discover suggestions for keeping from bothering you by clicking over to this Bergen County spine surgeon infographic.

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The Miracle is WATER | Fixen Chiropractic #WorldWaterDay #March22 @fixenchiro

Understanding drinking water health benefits as they are explained providing complete health details of hydrating your body daily and…

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