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Chipley Florida

Falling Waters State Park in the Florida Panhandle three miles south of Chipley features a Natural 67' waterfall! Also enjoy fishing or swimming in the small lake, and short hikes on the trails with a tour of the unique geology.

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Seacrest Wolf Preserve

"Seacrest Wolf Preserve" in Chipley, Florida: photo of owners Cynthia & Wayne (most giving people, honor to meet them): created a wolf preservation with DONATIONS & teach wolves r GOOD like dogs. Teachers Lou & Bertha & I took students on field trips: held wolves, HOWLED with wolves! Please support them: for a fee, visitors mingle with a pack & help keep them from being extinct. U'll love it! Go Facebook - caption by Mari Parrilla

Packs and packs of playful wolves and arctic foxes are waiting for you at the Seacrest Wolf Preserve. I MUST GO.

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Everyone In Florida Must Visit This Epic Waterfall As Soon As Possible

Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, Florida, falling water that cascades 73 feet down an ancient sinkhole.

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5. Falling Waters State Park Falling Waters near Chipley, FL, is home to the tallest waterfall (and one of very few, period) in the state of Florida. It can be quite impressive after a heavy rain, as the water rushes down 73 feet of limestone into a huge sinkhole.

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10 Haunted Waterfall Hikes in Florida That Will Make You Scream

Falling Waters State Park – Chipley

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