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natural dyes (left top down) madder root, weld chpped stems, cochineal, logwood chips- great info on natural dyes


Motif 03 : Consciousness 識 - There are six, eye / ear / nose / tongue / body / intellect consciousness. Consciousness and the organ cannot function without each other. It is pictured as having a two-fold function : the cognition of objects that arise in our field of awareness and a structured stream that is being continually fed from the reservoir of energetic activity. The interplay between mental formation and consciousness is seen as accounting for all the experiential data associated…


mrs fields cookies recipe chain letter, 1987 by warymeyers blog, Pinner says."these are really good. i 1/2 the recipe and get about 48 mini cookies"


Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies (Copycat)

Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies {Copycat} - Learn all the SECRETS to making the famous Mrs. Fields cookies at home!! The recipe is easy, spot-on, and they taste just like the real thing!! They'll disappear at your next party!