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The Chinese Remainder Theorem


The Chinese Remainder Theorem made easy - YouTube

Originally published in 1999, Connell's Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra focuses on abstract algebra emphasizing linear algebra. Subjects include foundational mathematics (such as sets, cartesian products, Hausdorff maximality principle, etc.), groups (scalar multiplication, subgroups, cosets, quotient groups, permutations, etc.), rings (units, domains, fields, integers mod n, quotient rings, the Chinese remainder theorem, etc), matrices and matrix rings, and linear algebraic…

Notes on synthetic division; assumes some knowledge of remainder theorem


Number Theory. Creator: Titu Andreescu. Sections on mathematical induction and…

In this article we shall consider how to solve problems such as Find all integers that leave ...

China | Thirteen gilt metal and Kingfisher feather hairpins; variously formed, one as a bat with a shou character to its back and a tassel of twin fish and cash, another a vase with lotus emerging from it, the remainder formed as fruits and flowers, 19cm max | Qing Dynasty | 2'800£ ~ sold (May '15)

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Polynomial Factor Theorem and Remainder Theorem Race

Student will work in partners to solve polynomial functions using the factor theorem and remainder theorem. Together they will pick a task card. They will