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Chinese New Year Cookies

New year's idea - Homemade Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year.

Homemade Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year - I so want to give these a shot and surprise my husband with a message specific to him. I'll put a few different ones, and not matter which one he picks, he'll receive a customized message.

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Drawing and writing frames, printable scrapbook papers, and other educational bits and pieces for Chinese New Year.

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Chinese New Year Recipes: Cashew Sugee Cookies (腰豆苏吉饼) #guaishushu #Kenneth_goh #s

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How to Make Fortune Cookies

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Chow mein noodle cookies

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Chinese New Year Dinner: Yam Basket/Fatt Putt 佛钵 (盘满钵满) Crispy on the outside and melt-in-the-mouth on the inside. This yam basket that is filled to the brim signifies the abundance of fortune.

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How to make dragon cookies for Chinese New Year

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