Smashed Can Sculptureas Mimic Traditional Ming Dynasty Porcelain by Lei Xue

Adopting traditional decorative motifs found on Ming Dynasty ceramics, Chinese artist Lei Xue sculpted these humorous smashed aluminum cans that bridge the gap of some 600 years of art history.

Funny Sign Fail Chinese Humor Please Present Your by SignFail, $20.00

funny sign - chinese translation - please present your octopus, hong kong train pass

neighbor's spring funny memes

10 Neighbor Memes Today! #4 Good Fences Make Good Neighbours.

neighbor's spring funny memes

Chinese Humor

Bored Panda. Peaches in a China dressed in lingerie!

Chinese Peaches Dressed With Lingerie Look Like Sexy Butts

We'll get through this together.

16 Thanksgiving Tumblr Posts To Look At While You're Trying To Avoid Talking To Your Family

We'll get through this together.