Chinese wedding dress QiPao Kwa Cheongsam 20 - latest fashion Custom Make Avail | eBay

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This would work for something to wear. I have always liked the Kimono. It is simple, but beautiful. Form fitting, but comfortable. Silk is always a bonus in my book... It breathes well and feels light and airy.

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Dress (qipao/cheongsam) 1932 China The modern qipao (or cheongsam in Cantonese) was developed in Shanghai in the mid-1920s. The modern qipao, in contrast to the original loose-fitting qipao, was much more fitted and revealing. It was popularized by wealthy socialites in Shanghai in the 1920s and it is still a popular garment for formal occasions

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the difference between Ao Dai and Cheongsam/Qipao by on @DeviantArt
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