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aromansoul: Chinese armor. Tang dynasty. First is a royal guard, similar to a samurai and the second is a northern foot soldier. non-westernhistoricalfashion: Here are more shots of the costumes in the post with the armor. As nextian pointed out, they are indeed from the film The Banquet. You can see the still of Zhang Ziyi in the background.


chinese armor and weapons | Debunking the myth of ancient Chinese weaponry and armors - Page 6 ...


Tang cavalry man in full lamellar armor. Lamellar aventail and pauldrons, bracers for the archers, and riding boots. The plumes for the elite imperial guards would sometimes display elaborate peacock feathers or elaborate effigies of fowls with extended wings.


Elaborate mountain scale armor of a high ranking officer. Reproduced from a Tang dynasty scroll of Chinese dieties styled in late Tang costumes (see below)~ Note the elaborate dragon/ qilin helmet design that is strikingly reminiscent of Sengoku era samurai helmet designs, especially that of the legendary Daimyo Takeda Shingen.