London in the 1920's-chimney sweep.  I cried in Mary Poppins when they left. I desperately wanted to be one

Characterful portraits of Londoners, believed to be by photographer Donald McLeish selected from the three volumes of Wonderful London edited by St John Adcock and produced by The Fleetway House in the nineteen-twenties.

Dangerous: Child chimney sweeps often had to crawl through holes only 18in wide - and cruel masters would light fires to make them climb faster. Many fell to their deaths

Britain's child slaves: They started at 4am, lived off acorns and had nails put through their ears for shoddy work. Yet, says a new book, their misery helped forge Britain

Chimney sweep, before child labor laws outlawed the work of such young children. The men and women who worked tirelessly to pass the child labor laws allowed these children a chance to go to school.

How to make a chimney sweep prop

Chimney Sweeper Prop (Like in Mary Poppins)

chimney sweeps, Mary Poppins

Step in Time

Bert - The chimney sweeps want you to know that you’re chim-chim-cher-fantastic.

These boys probably all worked for the master chimney sweep in the upper left corner. He is also very short, indicating that he was probably an apprentice as a child, too.

The Poor Life of An Apprentice Chimney Sweep - The History of Children at Work

Real life Oliver Twists: Child workers were often beaten, abused, hungry and tired. Their childhood was often over before it begun