Even in the coldest parts of the UK, it is possible to grow your own chillies and January to February is the perfect time for planting peppers.

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Chilli Pepper Krakatoa Prolific NEW Chilli - Spicy and Handsome. Chilli Pepper Krakatoa: Krakatoa is a heavy cropping new chilli pepper that produces a mass of conical fruits about 2-3in long. The chillis are mediium hot and spicy and perfect for asian cuisine. Grows to just 18 in tall and is perfect for growing in pots outside in a sunny spot where it will make a handsome addition to t

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CHILLI BONSAI! Any chilli can be trained into one of these in as little as 18 months.

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Chile Peppers Anyone? On this board I plan to pin what I am learning about growing and eating chile peppers. So many I've never seen or heard of, yet.

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Fatalii's Growing Guide - How to take your hot pepper plants and transform into bonsai plants!

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Love this post describing basic Chilli Plant Nutrient Deficiencies AND how to fix them with stuff you probably already have at home - like Kitchen Scraps! Almost looking forward to my next Curled Leaf to try this!

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