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Minerva Roman Goddess of Wisdom 16x20 Poster Print Goddess Art

The Art of Emily Balivet. Browse Emily's galleries of fine art depicting mythological Goddesses, Witches and Faeries, Medieval legends, commissioned works and more. Emily has been creating artworks in the style of figurative realism for over 17 years...


STYX [Στυξ] was the goddess of the underworld River Styx, one of the Titan generation of Okeanides. Styx was also the personified Daimon of hatred. Described as a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and as a nymph, Styx dwelt at the entrance of Hades, in a lofty grotto which was supported by silver columns. She was a firm ally of Zeus in the Titan Wars, who brought her children Nike, Zelos, Bia and Kratos to stand alongside the god. Zeus rewarded her by making her streams the agent of the binding


GREEK MYTHOLOGY MEME ® LOVERS OF ZEUS 8/9 ∟Lupita Nyong’o as L A M I A Lamia was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. In the myth, Lamia is a mistress of Zeus, causing his jealous wife, Hera, to kill all of Lamia’s children (except for Scylla, who is herself cursed), and transforms her into a monster that hunts and devours the children of others.

When I am sad there is no greater comfort than the silent devoted companionship of my dog.

Yes! Finally! Hades is my fave male Olympian.Also pretty sure he didn't kill anybody without a good reason, cheated lesser and didn't rape anybody even if the event is called the rape of persephone.


jason and thalia, percy, nico and bianca. zeus poseidon hades. Thalia is afraid of heights though