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Children of Syria at refugee camp This video sums up the state of this #UMMAH. We are at a worst time when hypocrite "Muslim" leaders have millions and

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Where do children of war sleep? Heartbreaking images of Syria’s refugee children

Babes in the wood. The refugee children fleeing from Isis. Lamar is originally from Baghdad in Iraq. Her family were on their way to buy food when a bomb was dropped on their house. Photo: Magnus Wennman

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Syria. Conceptual photo shoot to speak on the very real tragedies happening there, and in the world. By Al-Atibi.

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After the airstrikes in Aleppo : three boys tell their story

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Lost her family. She is just a baby. Got no one now. Syria is Crying, Syria's children are crying. Help! These are the types of people Britian are aiming to bomb really

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Portraits of Syrian child refugees – in pictures

Portraits of Syrian child refugees – in pictures | World news | The Guardian

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Al-Hawl, Syria - Iraqi children, who fled with their family from jihadis, sit in a refugee camp Photograph: Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images

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Thinking of Syria again today; with all that's happened in Brussels today, you have to hope that soon the world will turn their eyes to the Middle East and give the same sympathy and concern for those men, women, and children that fear for their lives every day. #mybrand #LeoInterns

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