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Here lies the reason why most of us ever allowed A narcissistic sociopath into our heart. We were taught this kind of behavior is normal an acceptable. We were taught that we were the one that was in the wrong. T.K.


Children of narcissists learn to tiptoe around the parents. The Child is trying not to anger the parent, or have them for their withdraw their love. The other focus on the parent, the child loses sight of their own emotions and needs. This is unfortunately carried into adulthood.


I'm not sure why, but often children of narcissitic/egoistic/parents are incapable of taking care of themselves, and have been programmed to care ofr everybody else first.


For the children of narcissists or otherwise emotionally unavailable parents, this is a message they did not receive. So perhaps you should tell your inner-child now...


The adult children of narcissists who realize that their parent(s) is a narcissist often make a decision not to have contact with that parent. This seems very harsh to those who do not understand narcissism, but makes perfect sense when you consider that those with malignant narcissism do not change, and further contact with them simply gives them an opportunity to continue manipulating and abusing their children.


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Children of narcissists are often highly intuitive. They know when something secret is going in their family. They may not be able to put their finger exactly on it and it usually takes time for the exact truth to form but by keen observation, eventually they know the truth. Children of narcissists are often truth seekers. They are among the most empathic of individuals.