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Victorian workhouses. Children in the Workhouse

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Young boy's at work. The Workhouse in St Pancras, London: Middlesex

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My Great-great-great grandmother ended her days as an inmate of Windsor workhouse. Born in the early 1800's she ran a pub until she was well into her eighties. But when you were too old to work and support yourself and your family couldn't support you, this was your only option.

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Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: How to Make a Hovercraft

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Often considered the greatest of the Plantagenets, Edward I was born on the evening of 17th June, 1239, at Westminster Palace, the first born child of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. He was named Edward in honour of his father's favourite saint, the Saxon King Edward the Confessor.

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History Hoydens: A Fine Taste for Scarlet and Miniver

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Upon Henry II death, Eleanor was liberated from prison. Her favorite son, Richard became King in 1189. When he left on Crusade, Eleanor ruled effectively in his stead, negotiated his marriage & delivered his bride to him. When Richard was captured by Leopold of Austria, Eleanor had to make the unpopular decision to heavily tax England to pay her son's ransom. Eleanor outlived all but 2 of her kids, dying in her 80's in Aquitaine in 1204. She is buried at Fontevraud Abbey next to Henry…

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Fabius Bile greatest apothecary of the Emperors Children Legiones Astartes

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Richard I slept with French king 'but not gay'

Richard the Lionheart slept with French king 'but not gay'

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Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122 or 1124 – 1 April 1204) was Queen Consort of France,and also Queen Consort of England. She was one of the most powerful women in Middle Ages. In 1157 she gave birth to her favorite son Richard the Lionheart. She outlived all her children except for King John and Eleanor, Queen of Castile. Eleanor of Aquitaine was renowned for her powerful personality and leading her sons in rebellion against their father, King Henry II.

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