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***THIS IS A MUST READ*** Punishment for a first offense for failure to pay child support is a fine, up to 6 months in prison, or both. In the case of a second or subsequent offense or a case when the obligation has been unpaid for longer than 2 years or is more than $10,000, the punishment increases to a fine of up to $250,000, 2 years in prison, or both. Noncustodial parents convicted of these offenses must also pay restitution and/or settlements of the child support amount owed.

Each parent is equally responsible for providing for the financial needs of his or her child. But the court cannot enforce this obligation until it makes an order for support. When parents separate, a parent must ask the court to make an order establishing parentage (paternity) and also ask the court to make an order for child support.


Interactive Notebook

This unit was designed to incorporate an interactive notebook. While most classrooms participate in note taking for math, it has been proven that by stimulating your mind through visual, tactile, s...

If you have been involved in a divorce or paternity matter, and a final judgment for alimony or child support or both has been issued, the Court has the authority to enforce its order by way of contempt. Eagle Recovery Specialists will locate the individual and the assets and make sure s/he pays you monthly what you are due. This will be at no expense to you. Give us a call. 425-557-4352

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… | …How much sleep should your child be getting?

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… | …How much sleep should your child be getting?


Child support agency changes threaten women already living in fear

"In the US, child maintenance is taken directly through payroll deductions from the non-resident parent's salary in most states – in the way that auto-enrolment pension contributions have started being deducted in the UK. When asked why this could not be extended to all child maintenance payments, the DWP spokesman said: "It's a completely different thing.""


Whether you're trying to establish an initial order for child support, or need help with the enforcement or modification of an existing child support order, contact the Tran Law Firm for a clear explanation of your options and the experienced representation that you need. For a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call (925)357-0431 to reach our Walnut Creek office or email us at

Acts of kindness in Baltimore after riots

Act of kindness: This little boy was pictured handing out water bottles to police in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, following a night of violent riots