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Activity Cupboard - Easy Things to do with Toddlers

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This is part one of a documentary called "Child of Rage." The little girl in this video has reactive attachment disorder and the things she says will drop your jaw.

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Book Harry was just as conflicted, I think, but because of the writing format his confusion was more subtly portrayed

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Emotional abuse of a are worthless; you'll never be my equal-I own you; that's wrong, you'll never learn that...what's your problem? My problem was You Mother(NPD!

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33 Sewing Machine Ideas for Beginners

Hey I still sew these and LOVE them!!!! Great and cheap way to match your hair decor to match your outfit. Witout wearing BOWS.... Ugggg bows are for toddlers and babies. Great for that messy bun look.

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Louise Bourgeois: The shape of a child's torment

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The Book Zone: Review: Garbage Pail Kids (National Non-Fiction Day 2012)

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Devon Violet Perfume -oh my god I remember the smell of this!! Holidays in Lymington! Can you still get it?!

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