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Chief Rabbi

Eight-year-old Yisrael Meir (Lulek) Lau is held by a fellow Buchenwald survivor, Elazar Schiff, as they arrive in Palestine aboard the RMS "Mataroa." Haifa, Palestine, July 15, 1945.


Beyond the Politics of Anger (The Daily Telegraph) - by former UK Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Israel Chief Rabbi Amar condemned for 'gay death penalty' comment - BBC News

Rabbi Marcus Melchior, Danish chief rabbi, who warned his congregants that the Germans intended to round up Denmarks Jews. Melchior himself went into hiding and escaped to Sweden. Copenhagen, Denmark, before 1943.

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Israel Chief Rabbi Amar condemned for 'gay death penalty' comment

Israeli political and community leaders have called for a top Jerusalem rabbi to be fired after he said Jewish law prescribed the death penalty for gays. Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar told Israel Hayom newspaper homosexuality was a "cult of abomination", which the Torah "punishes... with death".

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From a jellybean Queen to a Monarch made from money, the most unusual portraits created for the Diamond Jubilee

Thrifty art: The Queen would approve of how Jane Perkins has recycled rubbish including old buttons to create portraits of her in her youth, left, and today

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'No Jew worthy of the name gives up hope'

Former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks is awarded a prize in recognition of his work promoting the spiritual dimension of life. He talks to Caroline Wyatt.

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Portraits of tribal chiefs and hunters from Alberta's First Nations

Pollard's work featured a number of individuals from different tribes, including Jim Rabbit of the Kainai Nation