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Best curry ever, rogan josh by a blogger back in 04. Have been using this recipe for years! Change to your taste. We use fresh ginger and garlic. Cream instead of yogurt. No cilantro.

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Rogan josh

This makes a nice hot curry. Feel free to cut the chilli by half if you're scared – or double it if you want a vindaloo experience! Just remember to cook it nice and slow.

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Baked Chicken Rogan Josh

Baked chicken Rogan Josh belongs to Fine Indian cuisine. The Moguls,known for the splendor and grandeur they brought to 16-century India,originated this style of preparation as a lamb dish. I have substituted chicken for the lamb and marinated it in yogurt to tenderize the meat.

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Easy homemade curry pastes

5 easy homemade curry pastes - made the rogan josh paste and it had some heat! Really good though...

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Recipe for Rogan Josh Kashmiri Pandit Style

Here is a step-by-step version of this delicious Kashmiri ‘classic’ rogan josh recipe. For a one page summary, click rogan josh recipe. For this recipe I use: 1 kg diced goat on the bone First of a...

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Leftover Lamb Rogan Josh - a great way to use up some left over meat from Sunday's roast. You could probably do this with chicken as well. I also added spinach and peppers as I like there to be a bit more veg in my dishes.

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Basic curry sauce

BASIC CURRY SAUCE. This BASE is used in many Indian/Pakistani/Sikh (Punjabi) dishs. You can add lamb, chicken, vegetables or any combination and create your own very special curry. Have fun.

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Beef Rogan Josh: 700g beef steak,2 onions chopped,25g butter,1in grated ginger root,3 garlic cloves chopped,1 tsp ground turmeric,2 tsp garam masala,2 tsp ground coriander,2 tsp cumin seeds,2 tbsp plain flour,½ tsp dried red chillies crushed,420g chopped tomatoes,4 tbsp dbl cream,300ml beef stock.Preheat the slow cooker.add beef.add spices.Stir.Add the flour,mix.Add the stock & tomatoes,cover.cook on low heat for 8-10 hours.Mix the cream in before serving.

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