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Chicken Fajitas Quesadillas


Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas – if you like the bold flavors of buffalo chicken wings, then this quesadilla is for you!


Best Chicken Quesadilla

Basic Chicken Quesadillas--Chicken quesadillas are a staple on every Mexican restaurant menu, but they’re a snap to make yourself at home. Roast up your own chicken breast or make it even easier on yourself by using a prepared rotisserie chicken.


Pan fry red onion and chicken breast until cooked, then add BBQ sauce, stirring until evenly coated. In another oiled pan, lay down one tortilla, followed by mozzarella, bbq chicken & onions, parsley, and cheddar. Top with the second tortilla, and flip. Slice quesadilla into quarters and serve with guacamole or sour cream, if desired!