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Humble chicken stew & dumplings

humble chicken stew & dumplings | Jamie Oliver - needs more stock before putting in the oven. I put in a litre but by the time it came out of the 30 mins on the oven it had dried out and there was no gravy. It was still tasty though.

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North African chicken with honey and saffron

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Gut-Healing Vegetable Broth (And Why It's Better Than Bone Broth)

This Gut-Healing Vegetable Broth Will Power Up Your Morning. (And Why It's Better Than Bone Broth)

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Slow Cooker Spanish Chicken Stew

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Thai chicken and sweet potato soup

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Savoury Lentil and Bean Stew

Savoury Lentil and Bean Stew. A comforting stew with a rich gravy. A frugal family meal. #vegan #vegetarian #winter

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Vegetarian casserole

Mediterranean Lentil and Vegetarian casserole PER SERVING 216 kcalories, protein 12.3g, carbohydrate 31g, fat 5.1 g, saturated fat 0.7g, fibre 9.8g, sugar 16.1g, salt 1.6 g

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Super-tasty miso broth

This recipe for Savory Miso Broth gets a boost of flavor thanks to chicken, mushrooms, kale, ginger, miso paste, radishes, kale, and nori. You'll love whipping up this aromatic recipe on a chilly fall day.

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Sausage & bean casserole

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Squash, chicken & couscous one-pot

Squash, chicken & couscous one-pot - tonight's dinner - was yummy but recipe needs adapting, mainly less lemon & pre-roasting the squash.

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Chicken and Leek Soup - Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Whole30, Paleo friendly and Gluten Free, Dairy Free

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Hot & sour soup

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Ella's Cannellini Bean Stew: 1 can canellini beans, 1 can tomato, 1/2 T tahini, 2 garlic cloves or 1 t garlic powder, chilli powder, salt & pepper. Mix them in a pan and heat up.

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