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The moment lightning struck twice in the same place at the same time: Stunning images as storm breaks over Chicago

Bolt from the blue: Seen from the Hancock Tower, lighting strikes both the Willis Tower, right, and the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago as a severe storm rolls through the region.

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Charming Photos of Winter Scenery

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because no one can do a happy drinking song or forlorn tune quite like the Irish...It appeals to my contradictory spirit...

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superpretty: justen-perez: The Bean in...

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Rainbow. I think this phenomenon is called sky fire or fire rainbows? I saw one in the sky over Chicago (April 2013). It lasted about 40 minutes and was truly awe inspiring. It changed color and intensity slowly and at times was only partially visible behind a veil of bright cumulus clouds. I was driving to work at the time so was unable to take pictures.

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