Park Avenue, NYC ~ Snow Storm.

Snow in New York City. Snow is amazing everywhere -- but in NYC it is delightful! Its clean white and silent -- what is usually bustling is calm and serene LOVED NYC just after a major snow storm---when it starts to melt---uggg that is another story.

The Bean in Chicago, I know, I know it's sculpture.

superpretty: justen-perez: The Bean in...

BEAN THERE — Anish Kapoor’s sculpture “Cloud Gate” is covered in snow on March 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. The worst winter storm of the season was expected to dump inches of snow on the Chicago area. (Photo: Brian Kersey / Getty Images via NBC News)

Chicago by Michael Chiaravalloti

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50 Reasons Chicago Is Second To NO City

This area truly is beautiful in the winter with the snow and Christmas lights. My mom used to take my sisters and me to Chicago each year at Christmas-time it was truly magical. I will forever remember Christmas-time in Chicago.

Amazing Pictures Of 2011 Chicago Snow Storm ~ Snow not so pretty ~ I'm not ready for this kind of snow!!!

Winter Storm Could Mean Big Headaches For Holiday Travelers In Chicago

Amazing Pictures Of 2011 Chicago Snow Storm This may be Lake Shore Drive that turned into a frozen parking lot.